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Come and learn or practice yoga at our centre, which is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment and has two different rooms so you can choose your preferred style and schedule.

Small classes

We have small classes (between 3 and 12 students) which are more personalised and allow you to delve deeper into the practice of yoga, progressing more quickly and accurately, while maintaining a balanced pace during each session.

Flexible schedules

We offer a wide range of flexible classes to suit your schedule both during the week from 7am to 9.30pm and on Saturday mornings.

A variety of styles

We offer a variety of different styles of yoga to suit all levels, from beginners to more advanced students.

Workshops and masterclasses

We offer workshops and masterclasses to help you improve your technique.

Online classes

Online yoga classes so you never have to miss a class (coming soon).

Two rooms

We have two rooms so that we can offer different styles at the same time, allowing you to choose your preferred style at a time that suits you.

Private lessons

On request we also offer private lessons at the centre. You are welcome to invite your partner or a friend to the class where you pay for the class and you both get to practise together.


Yoga Home provides all the equipment you need, but if you would prefer to bring your own mat or equipment, you are welcome to do so.

Other languages

Most of our teachers are able to teach in other languages. Please enquire about the languages available.

Our yoga classes

Choose the class that best suits your daily needs and abilities.
  • Yoga for children

    Our children’s yoga classes are specially designed for the youngest members of the family. The secret behind the classes is that they are fun, entertaining, playful and challenging for the little ones, while developing skills such as concentration, attention, discipline, strength, memory and relaxation.

  • Sivananda Yoga

    Sivananda yoga is a more spiritual style that has its origins in Hatha yoga. It is a slower-paced style that focuses more on meditation and conscious breathing. It typically begins and ends with chanting, mantras and meditation. The practice involves a sequence of 12 basic postures, accompanied by correct, deep, rhythmic and slow breathing.

  • Rocket Yoga

    Rocket yoga

    Is a modern style of yoga that has its origins in Ashtanga, but does not follow the traditional series of poses, in that you cannot move on to the next pose in a series until you have completed the previous one. It is a dynamic, powerful and challenging yoga. It consists of three series, but leaves room for creativity within the series.

  • Restorative Yoga

    It is a gentle, restorative, passive yoga that uses a variety of supports to make the postures easier and more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time, accompanied by free and natural breathing. Muscles are relaxed and natural relaxation mechanisms are activated.

  • Rai. Profesora de Yoga

    Yin -Yang yoga

    Yin and Yang are concepts derived from Taoism and represent the duality that exists in all things. Yin and Yang are two opposing and complementary forces that create a dynamic balance. Yin Yang Yoga is the yoga of balance.

  • Yin Yoga

    Yin yoga

    Yin Yoga is a restorative practice derived from Hatha Yoga, based on static postures held in a relaxed manner for a prolonged period of time. Holding each posture for a longer period of time allows the body and mind to reach a deep state of relaxation.

  • Miriam. Yoga Iyengar

    Iyengar yoga

    The emphasis of this style is on the technical precision of the postures. Hatha yoga can be seen as its predecessor. A leisurely style of yoga that focuses on achieving the correct postures (by aligning the spine, shoulders, hips and feet). It involves fewer postures than other forms of yoga, but the postures are held for longer periods of time.

  • Vinyasa Flow yoga

    This is a dynamic yoga in which the postures flow in rhythm with conscious breathing. It can be described as freestyle Ashtanga Vinyasa as it does not follow a structured Ashtanga series.

  • Yoga aéreo

    Aerial Yoga

    Aerial yoga is practised in suspension, using swings or fabrics to perform traditional yoga poses. The movement between poses is generally fluid, utilising the energy generated by each pose. Successful performance of a sequence is similar to a dance routine.

  • Power Yoga

    Power yoga

    This is a fast-paced form of yoga. Inspired by Ashtanga, it is more intense and physically demanding, but also more flexible and creative as it allows for a free, unscripted series of asanas. It requires stamina, strength and flexibility. It is one of the most physically demanding forms of yoga.

  • Ashtanga yoga

    This includes elements of Hatha yoga, but differs in rhythm. While Hatha moves at a slow pace, Asthanga is based on continuous, flowing postures and movements supported by breathing. It is a dynamic yoga that is a more challenging and vigorous practice. There are several different series of sequences in a set order of postures.

  • Hatha Yoga

    This is one of the three historical schools of yoga, and is the oldest of them. It incorporates many of the styles of yoga we know today, which focus mainly on the physical aspect. It combines postures with breathing exercises. It allows you to learn the basic concepts and terms used in yoga.

Our Instructors

Yoga Home employs instructors who have graduated from prestigious institutions and have extensive experience in teaching. They understand the needs of their students and are able to guide them safely through the exercises.

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