“Connecting body and mind through breathing and flowing between postures is a transformative experience.”

“Connecting body and mind through breathing and flowing from posture to posture is an energising, transformative experience of self-awareness and enjoyment, full of wonderful emotions and sensations that we all can and deserve to enjoy every day of our lives.”

He began his yoga practice over 20 years ago, practising Ashtanga intensively. Over time his practice has been enriched with other styles, always dynamic and fluid.

He has practised constantly and very actively with different teachers in Mexico, USA and Spain. A few years ago he decided to delve even deeper into the practice and philosophy of yoga and trained to share and pass on the experience of his journey and to be part of the journey of others.

During his initial training he immersed himself in the different styles and schools of yoga, eventually specialising in Vinyasa Flow, Power and Progressive Ashtanga.

Since then he has been teaching private classes as well as in yoga studios, either individually or in groups, face-to-face or online.

His aim in teaching is to help students enjoy yoga and integrate the practice into their lives.

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